Simple design with one shaped back wall, allowing easy access onto your stand.

Straight and curved panels allow for interesting multi dimensional graphics, use lighting for the ultimate effect.

With plenty of space for accessorising and room for a welcome counter, this is a very cost effective design for when you have limited space.

Frame Construction Graphic Materials
Linear Pop-up PVC
Linear (counter) Foam board panels

* Where shown, screens, tables and chairs are not included.


  • Assembly Time:
    Assembly Time 1 day
  • People required:
    Based on 2 people for assembly
  • Hardware Weight:
    Hardware Weight  51kg approx
  • Hardware cases:
    Hardware Cases  1 x 19kg, 1 x 6.28kg, Counter bag 1 x 1.12kg, Graphic Drum 1 x 2.82kg, Lighting Bags 2 x 1.28kg
  • Footprint:
    3000 x 3000  mm
  • Constructed from Linear vector with PVC graphics.