Simple yet interesting design. Free-standing recessed cube with shelving and suspended acrylic poster holders.

Use striking imagery for the back walls to draw the customer in.

Open on three sides with cube style counter plus room for table and chairs.

Frame Construction Graphic Materials
Vector Fabric
(The renders above show the Linear version)

* Where shown, screens, tables and chairs are not included.


  • Assembly Time:
    Assembly Time 0.5 day
  • People required:
    Based on 2 people for assembly
  • Hardware Weight:
    Hardware Weight  180kg approx
  • Hardware cases:
    Hardware Cases  2 x 19kg, Bags 2 x 064kg, Lighting Bags 2 x 1.28kg (no case included for acrylic panels)
  • Footprint:
    3000 x 3000  mm
  • Constructed from Linear vector using textile fabric graphics.