Large two sided stand that can accommodate sizeable display items or encourage plenty of people onto the stand at any one time.

Plenty of back wall space for striking graphics or detailing of your brand. Two end towers for extra dimension and added stability.

Complete with built in literature holders, lighting and free standing counter.

Frame Construction Graphic Materials
Linear Pop-up PVC
Counter Foam Board

* Where shown, screens, tables and chairs are not included.


  • Assembly Time:
    Assembly Time 1 day
  • People required:
    Based on 3 people for assembly
  • Hardware Weight:
    Hardware Weight  115kg approx
  • Hardware cases:
    Hardware Cases  5x 1.3kg lighting bag, 3x 19kg case, 1x 6kg case, 2x 3kg graphics case, 1x 1.5kg bag
  • Footprint:
    6000 x 5000  mm
  • Linear and Pop-up PVC