Single striking 3m high fabric back wall that gives the appearance of free-standing without support.

Clever twin weighted feet sit behind the wall which avoids any side support. This wall is best used up against an internal wall, perfect for retail environments or small exhibitions.

Frame Construction Graphic Materials
Vector Fabric
Counter Foam Board

* Where shown, screens, tables and chairs are not included.


  • Assembly Time:
    Assembly Time 1 day
  • People required:
    Based on 2 people for assembly
  • Hardware Weight:
    Hardware Weight  70kg approx
  • Hardware cases:
    Hardware Cases  2x 19kg case, 2 x 0.5kg bag, 2x 1.28kg lighting bag, 1x1.5kg counter bag
  • Footprint:
    3500 x 2000  mm
  • Vectorframe with fabric graphics